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Submitted content. Niall7459 at 28 March 2019

From Wednesday 27th March 2019, We are no longer allowing self serve to the skin upload form. To suggest a skin from this date, please use our discord channel. Regards

Website expiration. Niall7459 at 19 March 2019 will become unavailable from this Thursday, 28th March 2019. This is due to new proposals on registration requirements by the European Union, including the requirement of European Citizenship. In response to this, we will be moving to Regards

North American Servers Admin at 08 March 2019

As per request and demand we have introduced a new server region for North American players. We will be introducing an upgraded infrastructure to be compatible with intercontinental server regions. Although we will be reducing the allocated budget for Nagar FM.

Revamping dated pages. Admin at 04 March 2019

Over the next few weeks we plan to release an overhauled design to replaced dated pages including, leaderboards, account management, news page and more. We also remind you not to make threats or use inappropriate language during gameplay. All chat messages are logged for legal reasons.

We're moving Niall7459 at 21 February 2019 will begin making a transition to out new address,

Bot Attacks (Please read) Niall7459 at 14 February 2019

We apologies for downtime due to bots attacks. We have developed new software that has proved to successfully mitigate and deter a 200+ bot attack yesterday evening (Wednesday 13th Feb)

We Have Discord Niall7459 at 11 February 2019

Join our discord server for exclusive rewards, powerups and skins.

Check out our social media. Admin at 05 February 2019

Follow us on Instagram:
Follow us on Twitter: @nagargroup
Thank you

Registration issues. Admin at 30 January 2019

We are sorry for current registration issues. These will be resolved as soon as possible. ETA for completion is 17:00 GMT.

Important Notice

Niall7459 at 28 January 2019

We are sorry for the loss of statstics. e.g level and experience as well as inventory's being reset. This is due to a planned database restructure. Unfortunately the inconsistency of the previous data made it to difficult to migrate. Thanks, Niall

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